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Who we are…

Atlantic South Power is a comprehensive provider of integrated power systems in North Carolina. Natural gas and diesel generators, power switchgear and paralleling systems, solar energy solutions for homes, businesses and utilities. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS Power System) when a gap in power is not an option. Energy saving variable frequency drives (VFDs).  Gas/diesel bi-fuel systems are just a sample of the solutions we offer for your critical power needs.

What we do…

Backup power for your mission critical systems means more than supplying equipment. Atlantic South Power holds unlimited electrical license with reciprocity across the United States, allowing us to provide turnkey installations for our ASP Critical Partners as well as preferred access to multiple manufacturers with fast delivery, providing you with all of the necessary resources to keep your facilities online.

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How we do it…

Your satisfaction is our goal, as we offer unmatched technical support and services for our customers.

Dedicated project managers, engineers, experienced sales teams, fast delivery and most importantly…working closely with you on the entire design and equipment selection process means power when you need it.

We’re dedicated to the success of your major project.

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